Wild Mustangs Of Pryor Mountains

Wild Mustangs Of Pryor Mountains

'Wild horses still roam freely in the Pryor Mountains'

Wild horses still roam freely in the Pryor Mountains bordering Montana and Wyoming. Lovell, an outskirt area, is home to a unique herd of horses, very special because of its Colonial Spanish American heritage.

This tough little horse, derived from the horses of Portugal and Spain, has been present in this rugged mountain area for nearly 200 years. If lost, the herd cannot be restored; and so its biological viability, together with its history, it’s vital that they must be preserved.’

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Re-worked an old favourite from the original sketches and studies on our trip to see the Wild Mustangs of Pryor Mountains some years ago now, and although I had painted a large canvas 140×100cm with this scene I was never happy with it and so rooted out the old field notes and re-painted it over the last few days, I have managed to get a lot more light and colour drama into this re-working, I think it’s one for the RDS show?

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