Who, what and why – EquiConsulting

Who, what and why – EquiConsulting

Stepping out of a business world that you know and have been very successful in, into a world that you love and can be truly passionate about is both daunting and exciting.

When I made the move from city life to being my own boss I was lucky to have a number of very supportive friends and family members to keep me motivated. I was extremely lucky to pick up an initial client that has gone on to support me whole heartedly and champion me to others. But the biggest driver, for want of a better word, came from two conversations with a pair of international 4* eventers.

One simply said ‘you’re mad…have you had a kick to the head recently’ and another, ‘you just do the same as the rest, you’re no different to all the others doing event PR.’ Well that was it – no I hadn’t had a kick to the head and I certainly wasn’t ‘just another event PR girl’. It made we cross that they didn’t understand what I was doing, what I did and what I was trying to do. Cross was good, cross drove me forward and cross made me sit and think.

So what does EquiConsulting do? Well in short it does a lot. It does PR (yes I know I said I wasn’t but PR comes into a lot of other activities), it does Social Media, it does Marketing Strategy, it does Business Development, it does Customer Experience.

That last one, Customer Experience, that is the bit that people struggle with. In the city world all businesses know about CX and it’s importance, but out here in the niche markets, people talk about it but it is becoming ever apparent that people don’t really understand it or appreciate its importance.

So very quickly, Customer Experience is the sum of all interactions that a customer has with a brand of the lifetime of the relationship. That includes when they read and engage with a brands PR, when they follow a brand on Social Media, when they use a brand’s website, when they read an advert, when they engage with sales staff and in the event that they may need to make a complaint. That is why EquiConsulting works across all of those touch points and brings everything back to the fundamental of Business Improvement.

If one area falls down it has a ripple affect across the rest of the business. Therefore EquiConsulting works across the business with a number of stakeholders and parties and also works collaboratively with other experts – dedicated PR agencies, design agencies, on the bigger projects SEO agencies – because the EquiConsulting goal is to deliver the best experience for the client.

So what does EquiConsulting class as a brand? Well EquiConsulting works with a brands in the traditional sense, like Shearwater Insurance, but also equestrian events, national governing bodies, international 4* riders and exciting competition initiatives.

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