What do you think of collaborations?

What do you think of collaborations?

I’m a big fan of working together and have seen, time and again, what this has done for me and my business, and also how it’s helped other people’s.

Collaborations are great for so many reasons and can take so many different forms. You can make them into whatever you want them to be. At the most basic end of the scale, a collaboration can be something as simple as a guest blog on someone else’s website (and, ideally, they would then reciprocate). Or it could be something like a competition that you run with them and you both provide a prize? Or, in the equestrian industry, it might be collaborating with a rider is terms of sponsorship, or even working with them to develop a product or a product range. The list is nearly endless.

Another great thing about the collaborations is the cost. Of course, sometimes there is a cost involved, and sometimes this cost is just the cost of a prize if you’re running a competition, but often it’s free. Yes. Free. Because both parties have something to gain from the collaboration.

Whatever size your business is, collaborations can work. Starting with something like a guest blog can be a great way to cut your teeth, but don’t be afraid to plan something bigger.

The key is to make sure that everyone benefits from the collaboration. You might get the chance to work with some big companies, because they can see the value that you’re providing. You might not have their reach, but the skills you bring and the value you provide to their audience is worth it. Everyone has to benefit from a collaboration. It’s often a good plan to start from the idea of what you can give rather than what you can take.

I was thinking about collaborations not that long ago, and I decided to ask my Small & Supercharged VIP group what they thought. With a range of business people in the group, at various different stages of their business’s development, I was interested to hear what they thought about it. In fact, I wrote a blog about it – what do you think of collaborations?

I know that, within the group, there are some great collaborations brewing, and it’s going to be really fun to watch these grow and develop too.

Rhea Freeman is a member of the Equestrian Creative Network, a small business coach for equestrian, canine and country business, and also a country and equestrian PR consultant.

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