Thinking inside the equestrian subscription box: SaddleBox

Thinking inside the equestrian subscription box: SaddleBox

We spoke to Phil from SaddleBox to find out more about their subscription service and how equestrian brands can be introduced to their subscribers.

Who is your target market?

SaddleBox has all kinds of subscribers, but a huge majority of the people who purchase the box are female. The subscription box ecommerce market in general is female dominated, and women make up the largest engaged audience for equine content on social media (where we find most of our new customers).

How often do you send them out and to how many people?

We send out an intro box to new subscribers as soon as they sign up, then a new box every month around the 15th day of the month. Thousands of equestrians have signed up to try SaddleBox and share it with their horses.

What sort of products do you include?

We include horse treats, grooming products, books, small tack items, and other fun items that might interest our subscribers. We’re always on the lookout for new equestrian-related products to include in SaddleBox.

What's in it for the companies that supply products?

We pay for the products that are included in our boxes, and we aren’t looking for free samples. Suppliers whose products are chosen for SaddleBox get the benefit of being introduced to our audience of thousands of horse owners.

What costs are involved?

A monthly subscription to SaddleBox is $34.95 per month, and shipping is free.

Are there any additional promotional opportunities available?

We’re always open to new promotional opportunities and partnerships if it provides value for our subscribers! If you’re a supplier or manufacturer, just reach out to us with any ideas.

How do interested companies get in touch?

They can email us at You can find out more about our company at

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