The Writing Horse goes back to Il Paretaio, Tuscany

The Writing Horse goes back to Il Paretaio, Tuscany

By popular demand, the next course of "The Writing Horse: Writing and Riding for Horse Lovers in the Sun" will take place once again at Il Paretaio Equestrian Centre, Tuscany.

We were going to visit Andalucia in April 14 but so many course participants wanted to go back to our fabulous venue in Chianti that we changed the destination.

We had a fantastic time with Cristina and Giovanni. The creative writing course, taught by Dr John Ballam, Director of the Undergraduate Creative Writing Programme of the University of Oxford, fascinated our participants. At some point they did not know whether to ride or to write and booked extra lessons in both disciplines!

Of course, the excellent food and wine helped to create that extra inspiration you need to get those creative juices flowing and the shared dinners around the huge table were one of the highlights of the day. And the local wine tastings assisted in that task as well!

Our next course is from 5 to 12 April 2014.

We have space for two more participants. So join us for the next Writing Horse and have an experience you will never forget! For more information visit

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