The importance of backing up your work - a hard lesson to learn

The importance of backing up your work - a hard lesson to learn

My first blog was going to be about the exciting projects I have lined up, the challenges I face and how I deal with them. What I hadn’t expected was that on my way home from a shoot last week I would have my computer stolen from me - and a stern lesson in the importance of having a water tight back up system for my precious images. So that is my current challenge and thought perhaps there are some elements of my experience that will help someone else.

I had been out to shoot some polo and also a gig for a great new band (It happens occasionally that I am not shooting long fuzzy noses). I had some images I was really happy with, the band were interested in getting hold of some – and then next thing I know my computer was stolen and I had nothing to give them. I had not yet backed up the images. A big mistake. Two great opportunities had disappeared. It was time to have a rethink – a plan to minimise this type of risk. In this digital age backing up has to be a habit – but quite often feels like the new chore to add to the hovering, laundry (or poo picking).

So here it is – The Plan that I have devised:

1. Once images are taken they are saved from the memory card to my computer on location. The memory cards are not erased straight away – just in case. Memory cards are then carried home in a different bag to my computer– just in case.

2. As soon as I get home from the shoot, I have set up a wireless back up system on a home network so that I can back them up as soon as possible (this sounds super nerdy – but I am a mac user, so Apple have a bit of hardware called a Time Capsule, which is relatively simple to set up even without help!

3. Once the images are processed, then these are then saved onto my external library.

4. This is then backed up separately and stored off site.
Cloud storage is becoming increasingly viable even for backing up large image libraries, with more companies coming to the market. It is something I will definitely be looking into.

So now that I am recovering from my little hiccup, what next?
We are in the summer months (no – honestly), so the diary gets very full – weddings, portrait shoots, a bit more polo – oh and maybe even a dressage competition for me. In between bookings I will be getting back to my personal projects which I set as New Year Resolutions back in January, and until now have been going well. Something to tell you about next time!

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