Strike a Pose

Strike a Pose

Hooray it is time for another Esmarelda piece again! And this time she is turning her talented hoof to being a photographer.

I think the timing is particularly good as it is helping to distract me from the fact that technology has NOT been my friend this last couple of weeks. Firstly, my main drawing tablet which I introduced in my previous blog post decided to switch its display off and not come back on. (Cue pulling a lot of hair out and one of two cries of frustration… ok a lot of cries!) It is currently at the Vet and I am awaiting it's prognosis but hopefully it will be back soon. (Hopefully!!!)

Secondly, my computer thinking that the whole not working act seemed like a lot of fun decided to crash and not fully turn back on for a little while a day or two after my Tablet. Fortunately it did recover and I like to think it was because it realised that now was definitely not the best time to pull such a stunt.

And today I found out that you can get private messages on Instagram. (Who knew!?) I was just starting to think I had managed to regain some control on my social media messages and email but apparently not. Sorry Instagram followers – I am still learning and will reply as soon as possible!

Anyway, where was I? This piece was particularly interesting as we had to work out how best to incorporate the ECN logo and a Camera. This resulted in a piece where a large part of the face was obscured so features such as the eyes were hidden; I was intrigued as to how it would turn out but I am very pleased with the result. (Esmarelda is of course the best model there is to work with so any piece featuring her is going to be a winner.)

As a result of my aforementioned technology woes, I have been using an older Graphics Tablet (a Wacom Intuos 5 for those that are interested!) which unlike the Cintiq does not have a display. This means I have to look at a separate screen to see what I am drawing. It takes a bit of hand eye co-ordination and took me a little time to readjust to using it again and unfortunately because of this I was unable to record myself drawing. That being said, the process is largely the same and I start with a sketch from my sketchbook which I will then work over to get the pose looking how I want before finalising on the line drawing. I will then add the colour in layers, adding shadows and highlights as I go, before finishing off by adding additional details such as the ECN Rosette. I have made a small video showing a snap shot of various stages which you can see here.

I will be looking forward to the next piece!


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