Office dogs: William from Sweet-Images Photography

Office dogs: William from Sweet-Images Photography

William Henry Bragg

We asked Rachel from Sweet-Images photography to introduce us to her canine helper. Find out more about him...

How many dogs do you share your working life with, and tell us about them?

Just the one – but believe me, he’s enough for most! His name is William Henry Bragg, he’s a 6 year old Working* Cocker Spaniel. He goes by an AWFUL lot of other names too.

*Doesn’t know the true meaning of the word ‘Working’.

What's his job title?

He’s currently Location Scout, however his favourite location is a bed, which isn’t very helpful or dynamic…

What's his role?

To be as needy as possible and trip me up as frequently as he can.

Which of your clients does William like the most?

Any that bring him cooked chicken… He runs from the real ones (he runs from a lot of things really), but if it's been stuffed in the oven previously then he’ll love you forever!

If William could give you one piece of advice what would that be?

Start photographing chickens, not horses.

To find out more about Sweet-Images Photography visit Rachel's ECN portfolio.

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