Not just a pretty picture: 20 questions you should ask before hiring an equestrian photographer

Not just a pretty picture: 20 questions you should ask before hiring an equestrian photographer

Great product photography ensures customers can see your wares in their best light and more importantly gives them the confidence to buy from you. So we recommend investing in professional shots from an experienced equestrian photographer.

There are important things to consider when whittling down who you/your company should work with. Here’s a good place to start…

To ask yourself:

1. What is my budget?

2. Do I need one stand out photo or a collection?

3. Can they show me a relevant portfolio?

4. Does their style fit with my brand?

5. What sort of photography do I want?
Shoots which require Studio Lighting indoors or outdoors are very different from a straightforward model and horse lifestyle shot.

6. What sort of usage rights do I need?
Remember, you don't own the images after a shoot.

7. Do they publish a media kit on their website?
These can be a good indicator of their popularity and status as an influencer. They might be able to help promote your product through their portfolio and/or social media.

8. What do the reviews on their Google My Business page say about their work?
Testimonials on websites are easily “doctored” so treat them with care.

To ask your photographer:

9. What is included in the session fee, and do they charge by the hour or by the day/half day?

10. Does the price include post processing?

11. What usage rights will they offer inclusive of the price of a shoot.

12. Are they a regular equine photographer?
If the shoot involves horses do they know the “correct” shots and the “taboo” ones as far as conformation is concerned.

13. What happens if it rains?

14. How long does it take before I see my photos?

15. What clients do they have for their commercial/lifestyle/product photography (depending on your needs)?

16. Will they provide lighting if required?

17. What kind of insurance do they have?

18. What ideas do they have for my brief?

19. What do I need to provide them with or can they provide?

20. Are there potential additional costs eg. travel, hotel, event accreditation, location, models and/or styling?

Huge thanks to the following Equestrian Creative Network members for contributing their questions:

Katie Mortimore
Nico Morgan
Rachel Bragg
Sophie Callaghan

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