New Mark Butler Dressage Audio Download for Sound Schooling “Perfecting Prelim”

New Mark Butler Dressage Audio Download for Sound Schooling “Perfecting Prelim”

Perfecting Prelim is the third audio lesson in the successful Mark Butler Dressage Foundation Series.

This ridden audio download builds on Mark’s previous lessons on rider position by introducing some of the basic movements found in Prelim level dressage tests.

This 20 minutes audio lesson is designed to be listened to while riding and includes a range of movements found in Prelim tests, such as transitions and free walk as well as centre line and circle exercises aimed to help improve scores. Perfecting Prelim also comes with free lesson diagrams to help riders visualise the schooling shapes used during this training session.

Mark Butler a former National Dressage Champion and dressage trainer uses his wealth of experience to create a lesson perfect for all riders working at, or aiming towards Prelim level. Throughout the download Mark clearly talks the rider through a range of exercises, movements and advice aimed at improving Prelim test results, as well as horse and rider training scales.

Using his experience teaching all levels of rider, personal experience gained through competition and training with World Class trainers including Arthur Kottas, Charles de Kunffy, Klaus Balkenhol and Olympic dressage rider, Emile Faurie, Mark gives a practical, correct and calm lesson all riders can benefit from.

About Sound Schooling

Sound Schooling believes that schooling your horse or pony should be fun and rewarding, and that everyone should be able to benefit from top trainers. Sound Schooling provides affordable and inspirational audio downloads for riders, including 18 ridden lessons from Prelim to Medium level, plus 4 non-ridden downloads and music by Tom Hunt.

Sound Schooling audio lessons can help if you've ever found it difficult to think up ideas for your schooling sessions, want to learn or practice new movements, or simply want to have add some variety, structure and discipline to your riding. They are designed to be listened to on your MP3 player whilst you ride – with an expert in your ear!

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