New for BETA 2018 from Back on Track®

New for BETA 2018 from Back on Track®

Swedish company, Back on Track® are showcased several exciting new products at BETA 2018. Back on Track make high performance clothing and a range of braces with far infrared technology. The range is designed to support mobility and well-being in horses, humans and dogs.

Each beautifully made item from Back on Track is lined with the company’s unique Welltex™ fabric which is infused with ceramic particles that reflect long-wave, far infrared rays. The body responds positively to the infrared ray, increasing circulation, which can aid mobility and help avoid injury.
Back on Track products increase well-being, maximise training and performance and ensure that muscles are relaxed and supple.

New for BETA 2018:

Back on Track® Bella Socks, provide all the well-being benefits of the Welltex™ ceramic infused material in a lightweight, yet durable stocking. The Bella knee-high socks are designed for riders to wear under boots and have a reinforced foot and a thin, polyamide upper. The Stockings Bella are available in two pairs per pack in black.

Back on Track® Nikki Socks are made from a slightly thicker Welltex™ material. They have a stretch, terry sole under the foot – making them ideal for all outdoor pursuits in the cold weather. The Nikki Knee High Socks have a gentle compression effect which is known to relieve aching legs whilst the far infrared technology provides circulatory support. Available in pairs, in black.

The Back on Track Physic Series is a high-quality range of braces for humans with 4 way stretch Welltex™ fabric. The Braces are breathable and have wicking properties, suitable for use before, during and after exercise. Designed to support circulation, their functional design is proving popular with both sportspeople and those looking for mobility and well-being. The range includes knee, wrist, ankle, neck and calf braces.

The Back on Track Scandic Pads are designed to be used under bandages either in the stable or whilst travelling. The Scandic Pads are lined with the Welltex® ceramic infused fabric for well-being and have an outer layer of non-slip stretch material ensuring easy application.

Back on Track’s® Royal Hind Boots provide all the benefits of far infrared along with comfort and protection. The boots are suitable for young horse classes with no elastic fittings and are designed to be used in training and competition. The Royal Hind Boots combine a hardwearing neoprene outer with a Welltex lining. They have an anatomical shape that assures maximum comfort and perfect positioning on the horse's hind fetlocks. Available in black and brown.

Back on Track’s Whippet Rug is made from a water resistant and breathable outer and lined with cosy Welltex™ fabric. The rug is designed with the mobility needs of an athletic dog in mind. The Whippet rug comes with a soft fleece neck cover which can be folded down on warm days. Finishing touches include reflector strips, a wide strap around the body to hold the rug in place and non-removable elastic leg straps.

Back on Track® Rose Hip for Dogs and Rose Hip for Horses is a pure and natural supplement that supports joint mobility. It is high in antioxidants, protecting cells and providing high levels of vitamin C and B. Back on Track Rose Hip Supplements contain only rose hips that are grown in the wild, high on the Chilean Andes, without the use of artificial fertilisers. The rose hips are oven-dried (and strictly controlled). Rose Hip powder is rich in many vitamins, minerals and micro-nourishment ingredients that the body needs to function optimally.

For full product information, our new UK website has been launched this month at Find us on Facebook backontrack_uk. Email or call Georgia on 07766 463099.


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