My Logo Design Mantra

My Logo Design Mantra

What makes a logo 'good', anyways?

What makes an equestrian logo ‘good’? Well, the first thing should go without saying…but it is especially important that if it’s got a horse…then the horse must be drawn accurately. I have seen several marks with very odd looking equines…saddles on backwards…oh my! But beyond a correctly drawn equine subject…you’ll find a vast array of types of logos across the equestrian spectrum. If you ask ten different people, I bet you will get ten different opinions on what makes one logo better than another. This subjectivity is both the beauty and the challenge of design-truly ‘good’ design transcends style trends as well as personal preferences. Constantly striving towards this ideal is one of the main things that keeps me inspired in my work each day.

When developing a logo for an equestrian client, there are three central maxims that have become my logo-design mantra. Memorable, Meaningful, and Unmistakable.

The most important maxim: a logo should be impressionable. This can be achieved many ways: maybe the color choice is especially unique. Perhaps the name interacts with the mark in a clever way. Or maybe the logo is simply drawn in exquisitely. The Rouge Pony logo below shows a wonderful example of a memorable mark. I love the clever way this designer drew a rocking horse leaping from his rockers!

A logo should be much more than just a drawing- it should have special, meaningful value. It could depict a special horse or iconic place, or subtly represent a distinguishing characteristic of the business. This mark for Augusta Hammock does so beautifully. Augusta is an equine media & marketing specialist, and her logo creatively shows a horse drawn with pixels. This mark explains the essence of her business in a simple, iconic visual.

A good logo is carefully crafted, and beautifully drawn so that it is effective across all mediums. It should scale well so that it is consistent across the entire brand- print, web, signage, and even embroidery on stall drapes or branded apparel. This is part of developing a strong equestrian brand- your brand should be strong and clear at all times. The Equestrian New South Wales logo below is a great example of a logo that not only scales between sizes, but is a part of a larger brand Equestrian Australia. There is a unique logo and color scheme for each Australian state- lovely!

NOTE: These logos were not designed by Dapplebay, Inc.

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