Let's talk horses with Sarah Skillin from EquiConsulting and The Bit UK

Let's talk horses with Sarah Skillin from EquiConsulting and The Bit UK

Sarah and Theo

Find out why Sarah thrives in the equestrian world... so long as it's not too early in the morning!

When and how did you get into horses?

When I was about 3/4 Badminton was on TV and I proudly announced I’d like to do that. Mum had ridden most of her life and I’d been for little rides in the field on her old mare but nothing serious. I then started pestering and shortly after began lessons. #Supergran then bought me a pony when I was 5. The very sensible purchase of a recently cut and recently broken 5 year old Welshie!

What do you love most about horses?

In riding terms I think it is that mix of absolute harmony and trust between me and another being but at the same time the risk and the danger element that I’m working with an animal who has a mind of its own who is also infinitely stronger than me.

The horsey world in general, is all about the community. 95% of my friends are because of horses.

What do you hate most about horses?

Early mornings. I’m 100% not a morning person. Getting up early to feed etc is hell and getting up at stupid o’clock to compete is even worse!

What’s been your equestrian highlight?

I don’t think I’ve achieved it yet.

Yes I’ve won lots, yes I’ve achieved smaller goals of Eventing or stepping up levels or reaching championships, getting featured in Horse & Hound, I even had a full page piece in Eventing Magazine, but even with all of that I don’t think I’ve had my highlight yet – the best of my fun is still to come.

Tell us about your worst fall?

Great Witchingham 4 seasons ago I had a near rotational and have never Evented again. We hit the jetty on the way out of the water with a front leg on the way up, started to go over and he was very clever by putting his other front foot on the jetty and springing over. However the back end had come so high by that point I was already being catapulted towards the ground. What made it worse was my air jacket went off early and never inflated so I hit the ground hard. 6 weeks off riding, a traumatised horse and a rider that didn’t feel able to event again. Definitely worse than the time my pony farted and scared its self and then trod on my face after bucking me off!

Tell us about the horses that have rocked your world?

My first horse Conor taught me a lot and won a lot in the process. He was my absolute world. A 14.2hh Connie with a heart of gold. We won the Pony Club Camp Cup, were selected for every team and he blitzed it around some pretty decent cross country. He made me a proper little rider.

My current horse Theo is however my absolute horse of a lifetime. We may not have been successful Eventing but he’s found his dancing shoes and loves his Dressage. He’d done a bit of low level Dressage when I bought him and it’s been so satisfying producing him up the levels, which will hopefully this season see him tackle his first Advanced Medium. He’s a complete idiot and unpredictable and needs a baby sitter most of the time but he’s my best friend and love of my life!

If you weren’t working in the equestrian industry what would you be doing?

I left a city job working with technology giants Oracle on the Customer Experience and Marketing side of things, before starting EquiConsulting and latterly The Bit Media Services, so probably that. However I did initially train to be a lawyer so I could have also been a corporate lawyer.

What’s your best horsey life hack?

Far too many to just have one – furniture polish for mane and tail spray. Works just as well and a lot cheaper. Filling a sock with rice and popping it in the microwave makes for a fab pocket warmer in winter as well.

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