Let's talk horses with Ashley Rossiter from MirrorMePR

Let's talk horses with Ashley Rossiter from MirrorMePR

Ashley and Taro (Image: Twin Photographic)

Find out why Ashley is horse mad...

When/how did you get into horses?

I blame my mum for my life long expensive horse habit – she rode when she was younger and I can't remember when I first sat on a horse but I do remember being obsessed with them from being a teeny tiny toddler. My sister however, did not feel the love and opted for majorities instead.

What do you love most about horses?

Their beauty, grace, their sense of humour and the connection you have with them on such a deep level.

What do you hate most about horses?

Their tendency to do things resulting in huge vet bills and sometimes 'that' sense of humour. Oh and the ability to break your heart!

What’s been your equestrian highlight?

Competing at county level side-saddle and winning!

Tell us about your worst fall?

Having a horse rear up and fall on top of me! Yes it hurt and yes I was really lucky to limp away with just bruising.

Which horses have rocked your world?

Every horse I have ever had the pleasure of owning, sharing or riding has meant something to me but my little cob x Tb horse that I had on loan for many years was such a cheeky cool little 15.3hh dude that always made me smile and together we achieved so much more than I ever imagined, including the side-saddle showing.

I love this old photo (above) of Daddy Cool which was his show name – because basically he was such a cool dude! We took our turnout really seriously and being pretty handsome Taro also rocked a bling browband really well too! Although these days I wouldn't ride without a hat with a harness and almost certainly I'd be in a Childéric Show Saddle!

If you weren’t working in the equestrian industry what would you be doing?

Writing a book about my life in the equestrian industry

What’s your best horsey life hack?

Hot water bottle inside the jacket for watching clinics or lessons in the winter. #lifesaver

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