Killer questions to ask when choosing the perfect PR and Marketing agency

Killer questions to ask when choosing the perfect PR and Marketing agency

There are important things to consider when whittling down who you/your company should work with. You know you need to market your business, but don’t know where to start. You may have more than just a PR need. Working with an agency that can offer support on business, communications, management, marketing and customer experience can enhance the PR offering and improve results.

We asked some of the best PR and Marketing agencies across the globe what they would ask if they were in the client’s shoes…

Ask yourself:

1. Who am I trying to reach?
2. What is my budget?
3. What are my overall goals?
4. How quickly do I expect my goals to be achieved?
5. How would I like the agency to keep me informed on their progress and how often?
6. What are specific milestones that I want to meet?
7. What if this group comes highly recommended, or I'm getting pressure to use someone in particular, but I don't get a good vibe from them?
8. Does the group in question check all the boxes for my needs?
9. Can I afford them?
10. Have I budgeted for this project?

Ask the agency:

11. How do you measure success/return on investment, or how will the results be measured?
12. When can I meet the team, who will work on this project?
13. What is your past experience and how has that enabled you to sit in your current niche?
14. Why did you choose to pursue PR as a career?
15. What are your PR relevant qualifications?
16. Who do you currently work with?
17. Why should I choose you, what is your company method statement/ethos?
18. What services can you offer my brand?
19. How can these services improve my business?
20. What is your social media expertise?
21. What size is your media list?
22. Do you work with influencers and bloggers too?
23. What will you do to go above and beyond for me/my brand?
24. How do you charge for your services and do you tailor your pricing for each client?
25. What do you expect from me as the client and how often do I need to be available?


26. How do you like your coffee? (Apparently their choice of hot beverage can tell you a lot about a person)

With these questions in your pocket you’ll be ready to hire an agency that is the best fit for your business and one that will work hard, in partnership with you to help achieve your objectives.

Huge thanks to the following Equestrian Creative Network members for contributing their killer questions:

Archer Creative


Full Gallop Communications

InkPot & Press Media Services

Jennifer Wood Media, Inc.


Phelps Media Group


Rhea Freeman PR

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