Haynet Wins An Equestrian Blogging Award

Haynet Wins An Equestrian Blogging Award

Haynet was among 13 others who have won the "Most Enriching Equestrian Blog Award 2015" which was run recently via the Animal Health Company.

Haynet was thrilled to be recognised among some of the great equestrian bloggers out there. The site really wouldn't be the successful network it is without all of the brilliant equestrian blog writers that post on Haynet each day.

There’s no shortage of high-quality horse riding and equestrian lifestyle blogs, especially those documenting their journey into the equine world so far. So to make this list, the Haynet team were pleased as punch!

If you are a social media follower of the equine world and everything that surrounds it or simply one who likes to be inspired and connect with these great people, then come and take a look at Haynet. Here you will find not only blogs that give you the resource, tips but also an insight to fully understand the world of horse riding and the equestrian lifestyle as we know it. Better still – start writing your own equestrian blog, the Haynet way!

Please visit www.hay-net.co.uk

Click here for more information about the equestrian blogging award.

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