Haynet Introduces Seven New Members To Their Featured Blogger Team!

Haynet Introduces Seven New Members To Their Featured Blogger Team!

At the beginning of April, Haynet put out a call for new members for its Featured Equestrian Blogger Team. We were looking for any bloggers from all walks of equestrian life to join the team. This could be someone that was simply a humble happy hacker to a committed dressage competitor, from a show jumping newbie to an international endurance rider!

We were initially looking for three more team members but when the sheer numbers of emails from equestrian bloggers landed in Haynets inbox, it became apparent that it was going to be a very tough choice indeed!

So after three days of deliberating through nearly 100 entries, we have come to a decision to now take on seven equestrian bloggers! So we very much welcome the seven members to our Featured Bloggers Team and here we would like to introduce them to you:-

BERT SHEFFIELD – Roberta (known as Bert) is a World Equestrian Games Canadian Para-Equestrian Team member and dressage rider with rheumatoid arthritis, based in the UK. She is also the current British Dressage Para National Champion at Grade 3 on her young horse, Double Agent. Bert will be documenting her equestrian life as a para-rider for the readers of Haynet giving us a fascinating insight into competing at this level.

CHRISSIE MAYES – Chrissie is involved in the Mounted Games discipline and coaches the county team and commentating at shows. Her daughter has previously represented Wales and GB with this equestrian and little covered sport of mounted games. Chrissie also has great experience in writing within the equestrian industry.

WIOLA GRABOWSKA Wiola is very well known through Haynet and in equestrian social media where her riding academy Aspire Equestrian helps many riders in mentoring and coaching. Wiola is keen to reach out to many riders and instructors to show them it is possible to work as an instructor and make your own path, teaching the way that is coherent values challenging the old fashioned industry.

JENNIFER TOSCH-TUCKER Jennifer lives in Georgetown, Kentucky working at Park Equine Hospital. She also shows Arabian horses working with the Bluegrass Arabian Horse Association. Jennifer is looking to write about her life and sharing her stories within the equine hospital and also the world of showing in the US.

LAURA ST CLAIR Laura writes the popular Shadbelly blog giving all us horse enthusiasts all the news within the equestrian fashion industry. Laura will be writing and giving us equestrian style tips, product reviews and what we must be wearing through the different seasons in our equestrian clothing.

JO BOND Jo is a Monty Roberts Certified Instructor based in the South West of France but relocating to the UK in the near future. She is also an International Endurance Rider and will be showcasing this sport in her writing. She also has a herd of young Highland ponies so her fun stories about their training will also be portrayed through her blog posts.

FRAN WADE-WHITAKER Fran is the owner of Suki, her beloved dressage horse who was critically burned when her barn caught fire. Her courage has made her an inspiration to the people around the world and through Haynet, Fran will continue to tell about her survival and miraculous recovery.

So we welcome these super members to Haynet’s Featured Blogger Team and we know with this mix of equestrian experience they will have some great stories to tell. We are so pleased that we have a team with a wide variety of equestrian interests with the new members joining Mark Butler Dressage, Laura Paine and Penny Sangster. So in the coming weeks, please keep an eye out for the new members introductory posts and we look forward to following all of their news.

Haynet would like to thank everyone that took the time to write in and it really was very difficult to choose. Later in the year we will look to add some more members, so please keep your enthusiasm in equestrian blog writing and you never know, you may become a member one day!

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