Getting to know you... Wilco van Driessen

Getting to know you... Wilco van Driessen

Weekly quick-fire interview allowing you to get to know the ECN members.

In the spotlight this week we have Wilco van Driessen from fotoWvD in the Netherlands.

ECN: Name of the closest animal to you, and where are they?

WvD: Geert: a buck, from our neighbours (pictured above). Pampered by our children, with leftover bread. At the end of the day, I can enjoy views of Geert from the terrace.

ECN: Your USP?

WvD: Allow feeling and emotion of equestrian to flow through pictures.

ECN: What’s the best thing about your job?

WvD: The best thing about my job is: my two passions, horses and photography, being busy everyday is one big party.

ECN: Tell us about your most memorable project?

WvD: My graduation project, which took all my creativity. This resulted in a beautiful exhibition, after which my talent was greatly appreciated by examiners and principals. As a result my name became more well-kown among drivers in the Netherlands.

ECN: What/who inspires you?

WvD: Raphael Macek's (photographer) work inspires me. By his way of shooting, I'm creatively challenged to also create beautiful pictures. As well as Christoph Gollbach inspires me to take beautiful pictures.

ECN: How do you unwind?

WvD: Enjoying time with my family. I enjoy all kinds of sports.

ECN: What gets your creative juices flowing?

WvD: By acquiring inspiration from other photographers. While remaining distinct from other equestrian photographers – remaining me, forever.

ECN: What does the future have in store?

WvD: My work will be seen in more magazines in the near future. For the future I hope that my work will be appreciated by several customers and I'm able to proved value to the equestrian world.

Find out more, visit Wilco's ECN portfolio.

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