Getting to know you... Emily Corcoran

Getting to know you... Emily Corcoran

Quick-fire interview allowing you to get to know the ECN members.

In the spotlight this week we have Emily Corcoran from Emily Corcoran Photography based in the UK.

ECN: Name of the closest animal to you, and where are they?

EC: I am at a juncture of my life where I am without animals. It is a phase that I hope will not last long and I have developed a number of coping strategies. I seem to have collected a menagerie of toy animals that live in a plant forest next to my desk (including a Lego horse complete with stable). I also am very lucky to be able to call upon the velvety noses of the horses of my friends. Three wonderful horses that deserve mention belonging to Harriet and Jamie Turton (aka @HTEventing) – one of whom (The Last Pilgrim – or Grim) is featured in the picture above.

ECN: Your USP in 10 words?

EC: Capturing those moments in life that might otherwise be missed

ECN: What’s the best thing about your job?

EC: For me the best bit is getting to meet amazing people and horses – then trying to capture the interaction that you see between them. The other thing that I get very excited about is being able to photograph people who are masters of their craft – whether this is sport, music, art, skate boarding.

ECN: Tell us about your most memorable project?

EC: The whole ECP project is still relatively new for me. One of my most memorable projects so far (a non-horsey one) has to be my first wedding shoot. Gale force winds and squalling rain – disaster! There were doves that wouldn't fly but hats that would, and then to top it off I was blown off my step ladder trying to get the group shot! I had a plan A, and a plan B, but was fast moving on to plan D, E. Unbelievably the images all came out rather well with a happy bride and groom! A highlight has to be photographing the Hove music festival in southern Norway. Amazing location, incredible musicians, a great buzz.

ECN: What/who inspires you?

EC: There are so many sources of inspiration – the works of some amazing photographers which could be quite a long list, but I am particularly inspired by those people I have come across that have the kindness and generosity to share their knowledge and experience to support and encourage others.

ECN: How do you unwind?

EC: I am a long way from being an accomplished rider but the time I get to spend on horseback is definitely my best way to unwind. I can let go of the to do lists and get absorbed by the moment (Poo picking is also something I find very therapeutic but I don't shout about that too much).

ECN: What gets your creative juices flowing?

EC: Life is mostly very hectic and it is easy to get caught up in things. I find that it is when I remember to stop, switch off my analytical side and just observe life for a little the ideas come racing in. London is also a brilliant place for people watching, another great creative trigger.

ECN: What does the future have in store?

EC: There are all sorts of exciting things on the horizon – more than time allows for – in the mix are two on-going personal projects that resulted from New Years' resolutions (look out for mentions of Out of the Window and #thelist). In the immediate future I also plan go get out and enjoy the much missed sunshine!

Find out more, visit Emily's ECN portfolio.

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