Five things to look for in an equestrian PR agency

Five things to look for in an equestrian PR agency

Are you thinking of taking the leap and hiring an equestrian PR agency? Having worked in equestrian PR and marketing for over 10 years, running my own agency and in house, I think I’m pretty well placed to give advice on this.

So I put together a blog all about it. Well, more precisely it was five things to look for in an equestrian PR.

But before we get into this, there’s something I need to say. I genuinely believe it is possible for businesses to do their own PR, and to do it well. But if PR and marketing are not areas you enjoy, if there aren’t enough hours in the day, or you’re looking to delegate tasks others could do to gain more time, this is for you.

Why did I write the blog? Well, there are a number of equestrian PR and marketing agencies out there, and not all are created equal. Many do an exceptional job but not everyone does. It’s the same in any industry. However, for a small business, every penny counts, so I wanted to provide information that could help a business pick the right person for them. Because it’s incredibly sad when things don’t work how they should.

Different Prs will suit different people, I should make that point. Like everything, so much is based on the relationship that the equestrian PR has with the client, but there are many, many other factors that need to be considered too.

In the blog ‘five things to look for in an equestrian pr agency’, I’ve highlighted five key things that I think are really important when it comes to finding the right PR to help support your brand.

And, don’t forget, the Equestrian Creative Network has a great listing for equestrian PR agencies, so if you’re looking to take the plunge and work with someone, you can apply the hints and tips given in the blog when you start your search!

Rhea Freeman is a member of the Equestrian Creative Network, a small business coach for equestrian, canine and country business, and also a country and equestrian PR consultant.

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