Fashion With A (Equestrian) Conscience

Fashion With A (Equestrian) Conscience

How does a passion for horses, sustainability and fashion inspire your wardrobe? Introducing SAHEL, an exciting London based accessories brand that pool together these core elements to present a range of fashion accessories you'll love.

The label was created by former fashion editor and lifelong equestrian, Charlie Davies who gave up the runways for the desert of Burkina Faso, West Africa. Horse lovers by tradition, the Fulani people, used to dress their steeds in vibrant tassels to accentuate the horse’s movement and turn heads. It was this flamboyant and artistic flair that caught her fashion eye, coupled with her love of horses that inspired the birth of SAHEL.

Traditional Fulani horse harnesses have strong braided straps which are hand woven by highly skilled leather workers, and it is this craftsmanship which we see exclusively incorporated across the SAHEL bags and accessories collection.

Now, working with traditional English bridle makers, SAHEL have been able to combine custom with contemporary via their made to order reins. Offering a wonderful feel in the hand, the African made reins are flexible and beautiful to the eye, harnessing the strength of this traditional artistry. This collaboration with English tradition has also launched a capsule collection of dog leads and collars.

Since their launch in 2008, the company remain committed to supporting the preservation of traditional skills and revival of artisanal livelihoods. They adhere to Fair Trade principles and invest in their West African artisans’ communities, providing better access to health care, clean water and primary education. This includes working with humane action groups to deliver back into these communities with a range of positive impacts including well drilling, water pumps, solar panel installations and child medical checks for their craftsmen and their fellow villagers.

Choose from their collection of beautiful bags, belts and handbag and saddle tassels to give you beautiful equestrian-inspired fashion with a conscience.

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