Event Rider Masters helps Inkpot & Press win Industry Award

Event Rider Masters helps Inkpot & Press win Industry Award

Leg 2 of the 2017 Event Rider Masters Series hosted in Wiesbaden, Germany provided the perfect backdrop for the award winning “Best use of Video” creation by InkPot & Press Media Services in the inaugural Equestrian Creative Network Awards.

Founded in 2012, the Equestrian Creative Network offers a one-stop shop for Equestrian Creative talent. Existing to showcase innovative marketing campaigns, beautiful design, the use of clever digital marketing and the mobile revolution within the horse world, the ECN places the right creative talent in front of Equestrian Businesses that are in need of a little help to achieve their business aims.

Liam Killen, the founder of the ECN believes that, “creative thinking has long been prized and praised, but the need for creative thought and execution has never been more valuable or vital for brands and this need is no less urgent in the equestrian sector. For our highly specialised brands, it is not good enough to resort to the same old clichés in whichever field of creative work we're commissioning. We need new thinking for our writing, our photography, our graphic design and our digital production. We need to more than stand out.”

The ECN Awards exist to celebrate this talent offering an opportunity to reward the network members who produce quality, innovative creative work for a plethora of clients on a daily basis.

With 6 categories ranging from Top Press Release to Best ECN Live Interview this years’ winners spanned a number of different creative sectors.

Working with a range of rural, equestrian and artisan businesses, InkPot & Press offers bespoke PR, Marketing and Social Media services and is delighted to have won the “Best use of Video’ category in the ECN awards as voted for 50/50 by the general public and Equestrian Creative Network peers.

Filmed in Germany at the 2nd Leg of the 2017 Event Rider Masters series the winning video enjoys the breathtaking backdrop of the pink Biebrich Palace, a baroque residence in the Biebrich suburb of the town of Wiesbaden and introduces the Series itself as well as offering an insight into the unique venue of one of Germany’s most prestigious International Horse Shows on the banks of the River Rhine.

“I was completely awestruck by the venue and felt I absolutely had to share it with everyone! The Event Rider Masters is by far one of (if not the) most exciting things to happen to Eventing and the more people who know about it the better. I am incredibly lucky to be a tiny part of the ERM team and as such get to travel to some of the most spectacular evening venues in the world… Winning this award has given me a lovely boost of confidence in an area that is still slightly outside of my comfort zone and I shall definitely be filming more of my experiences from now on.
Liam has done an incredible job with the Equestrian Creative Network and the Awards are the cherry on the top!”

Watch the winning video

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