ECN Q&A: responsive website design

ECN Q&A: responsive website design

People keep telling me that our tack shop website should be responsive. Why and how much does it cost?

I don't design responsive websites, due to the sheer number of different devices that I would need to test the website on. Hence the increase in cost, due to time spent testing and redesigning.

What I have found that works, and keeps the cost down, is to firstly design the desktop version. I then create a re-direct function, and design a mobile friendly version, which is a little more simplified than the desktop.

The important thing I find, is that upon arriving at your site (whether the desktop or mobile version), the user is then given a clear and easy way to locate & navigate to a view of their choice.

There is nothing worse than using a tablet, and being unable to view the desktop site no matter how hard you try to navigate away from the mobile view. Likewise, it is frustrating if you are using your mobile, and have to scroll and navigate down & sideways to find the teeny tiny little 'desktop view' link.

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