Don't stop the presses, kick on... with Equestrian Life

Don't stop the presses, kick on... with Equestrian Life

With tight advertising budgets and the digital revolution, we're giving publications the chance to set out their stalls to show how their offerings are still relevant and useful.

We spoke to Zoe Bateson to find out why advertising with Equestrian Life is a smart move…

What’s your USP?
Equestrian Life is the only paid-for publication that caters purely for the competition rider in the East Midlands, Yorkshire and Northern Counties.

Equestrian Life is published in a handy, large handbag size. Convenient to pop into a pocket or grooming bag whilst remaining a quality, glossy, full colour publication.

Championing the grass roots, amateur rider, we introduced The Equestrian Life series of Dressage and Showing Championships in 2001, aimed at the amateur, home-produced rider, and these have remained as popular as ever. Our Evening Performances are what the competitor is aiming for, to many it is the highlight of their year.

Being competition riders ourselves, our horses compete in eventing, dressage, showing and side saddle and we are always out and in amongst our fellow readers who often make a point of coming to give us their news and results.

Who is your demographic?

They are predominantly female and aged from 14 to 54, the core group being aged 25-44. They are actively competing themselves or are parents of a younger child competing. They want to see their results or that of their friends. Equestrian Life has a strong heritage with a wide range of local and regional events which have been covered annually for many years.

Equestrian Life’s primary content is the local and regional rider, whether they are competing or we are interviewing them, featuring seasonal products and services information, our readers come from all areas of the UK and as far afield as the USA!

Equestrian Life works hard to feature local riders and owners. We are not so much for the professional and producers as we have a wealth of grass roots talent that we try to tap into, but we will include top level riders from our region to highlight their successes.

How does your publication reach its readers and how often?

Equestrian Life is published 11 times a year. We had been 12 issues a year but felt that the New Year period is an opportunity to re-group and re-charge the batteries when our readers are also taking some time out. We can also be found online in digital format through our website, through social media and e-newsletters. We are currently working with many larger events in our region to supply their event with complimentary copies of the magazine.

How many people do you reach online and in print? 

We print on average 5,000 copies per issue. The stockists were and still to this day remain feed merchants, retailers, tack stores as well as over 400 Newsagents. The Equestrian Life reader knows that the magazine will land in-store at the end of each month – the issues are almost part of the furniture!

Equestrian Life was one of the first publications to dip its toe into digital publications many years ago, before the advent of mobile technology. The method was very basic and we reached the heady heights of 10 downloads one month. Today, we average just under 3,000 downloads of the magazine monthly, direct from our website. Our readers will always say they prefer the printed copy to keep, show and share with friends and family but they also like the flexibility of being able to read the magazine online at any time.

How does your online and print activity compliment each other?

Our digital magazine is an exact replica of our printed magazine. From a readers’ point of view, they are not being short-changed on opting to read the magazine in one format or the other and for the advertiser, being included automatically in both versions is standard. Readers can reach the advertiser directly online via hyperlinks if they choose. We are very generous with our editorial opportunities to help maximise the advertisers spend and we design free of charge if required.

For an advertiser with a tight budget, what's the main benefit of advertising with you?

We have grown a large following over the years. We remain regional in order to provide a comprehensive service to our reader and advertiser. Our advertisers can range from small or new business start-ups to larger, national and international companies. Our printed magazine has a unique stockist set-up which results in zero wastage ensuring great value for money for any advertiser. Your advert also featuring online further maximises the spend. We offer classified advertising through to display adverts and prices start as low as £25+VAT per month. Excellent series discounts apply for those interested in more than one advert, together with generous editorial options, product reviews and competition opportunities. Print advertising can be linked to social media posts, website banners, e-newsletters too.

How can advertisers track results?

It depends what the advertiser is hoping to achieve from their advertising. For those advertisers who sell their product in the outlets in which our magazine is sold there is a natural synergy there and they are maintaining awareness of their brand. For those wishing to promote a certain product or service or something time-sensitive and they wish to analyse results, we suggest a code included within the advert so they can track that. If advertising is via the e-Newsletter, we can give exact feedback on the results, including opens, clicks. It would be hard to quantify something through the magazine with total accuracy, sometimes a reader will act upon information when they need it as opposed to ‘in that moment’. Readers have often commented that they can remember information on a certain item and refer through their back copies. The life of an advert extends far beyond its month of inclusion.

Are there any other opportunities available?

We have an active website and social media pages. We run monthly competitions in print and welcome them via social media if promoted in the correct way. We are able to share data with our advertisers from print competitions. Between print issues we will include editorial pieces on a variety of subjects via our website and social media. We also welcome product reviews and have a wealth of testers to call on if we are not able to do ourselves. We are blessed that many advertisers support us on an annual basis and we are welcoming new ones all the time. You can request our media pack by emailing us or telephoning. We are always happy to discuss individual requirements.

What’s the best way to contact you?

We can be found through email, our Facebook page or telephone at any time. We have an initial single point of contact for all editorial, advertising or general enquiries.

Zoe Bateson, Editor
01949 851555

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