Does marketing your horse business make you feel overwhelmed, confused or frustrated?

Does marketing your horse business make you feel overwhelmed, confused or frustrated?

I'll bet when you think of the word 'marketing', it evokes work, worry and a whole lot of wasted money. And, you're not alone. In fact, the most frequent comment clients say to me is: "Sophie, I know I should market my horse business, but I don't know where to start".

Do you feel this way too?

Marketing, it seems, is one of those terms that means many different things to many different people; most often, filling them with dread.

In recent years, as consumers have become more distrustful of traditional advertising, marketing too has attracted a bad rap, particularly in the horse industry.

Today, marketing amongst horse people is more synonymous with distrust, when building trust is it's true purpose. So then, why is marketing so misunderstood?

Perhaps it's less about what marketing is, and more about what marketing isn't.

Every day, You're Marketing

Every day, within your equine business, you're marketing.

Marketing isn't only limited to the domain of print adverts, website banners and trade show tables, but in how you operate your horse business.

It's present in how you answer the phone, in how you dress your staff and in how you display your products. Marketing is integral in how you do business.

Yes, You're a Marketer Too

Even if you don't think you're any good at it.

But, marketing isn't meaningless and it's certainly not about misleading your customers.

As Peter Drucker famously wrote in 1954, the two purposes of business are marketing and innovation. But, without marketing, innovation remains idle.

  • With innovation, your product or service solves a problem
  • With marketing, your product or service becomes profitable

Put simply, marketing is the method of positioning your product or service as the solution to your customers' problem at every level of your equine business.

It isn't just jargon, or a buzzword to be approach with caution, but the foundation for your success. Only when you learn to embrace marketing, can you connect with your customers.

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