Developing an Equestrian Brand

Developing an Equestrian Brand

This is the first post in the new Design Notes with DB blog series! I’m going to have a new post every week…stay tuned!

What is a brand anyways?

“Brand” is a broad term that encompasses all the visual elements representing your business including your logo, your brand colors and typefaces, photography, and graphic styles. Beyond the visual aspect, your brand is an experience. Everything from your company name, to the display of your products, to the setup of your stalls at the horse show are important elements of your equestrian brand. Your brand is the first impression your business makes: the starting point for the relationship with the consumer. It begins a dialogue, and over time develops trust when paired with good customer service and quality products. This is the central concept behind successful branding.

Branding within the equestrian world is a bit more specific because we are dealing with a condensed target market. It is very important to hone in on the company values you want to promote in order to attract customers that share those values. A strong brand will do this for you. Paul Rand said it best: “Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.”

Take my own Dapplebay brand as an example. The name is instantly memorable for a horse person. The mark is a d and a b, but also an apple: simple, yet smart. The color is a bright, fresh green. The typeface is simple and modern. The website shows the products and services in a clean, simple layout. The tagline: ‘creative. with horse sense.’ The brand values are clear: simple, smart equestrian design.

No matter the size or type of your equestrian business, your brand should be a direct reflection of your core values. It is important that all of the aspects of your brand are clear and consistent from your Facebook page, to your business card, to the way you conduct business with your clients. These elements add up to a strong brand experience that will make your business memorable and trustworthy to your clients.

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