Childéric Saddles Announce New Ambassador Appointment

Childéric Saddles Announce New Ambassador Appointment

Childéric Saddles UK is delighted to announce a new ambassador from the world of top-level dressage as international dressage Henry Boswell joins the brand.

Boswell, who is a name synonymous with dressage says of the saddles:

“As a rider, I can feel a big difference in my horses: They feel looser and straighter with more swing in the trot. The design of the saddles enables the shoulder to be free and the back soft and through. I love them and so do my team and the horses.”

Tricia Bracegirdle, MD of Childéric Saddles UK said of the appointment:

“We are thrilled to be working with Henry. Not only is he a talented rider but passionate in seeking perfection to every aspect of his competition horses' management. Our team feel the same passion and commitment in delivering perfection for both horse and rider when it comes to their saddles.”

Henry sits in good company with other professional dressage riders associated with the brand, including Fiona Bigwood, Anders Dahl and Becky Moody. Just a few of top professional riders who choose to ride in Childéric Saddles.

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