Capturing Movement

Capturing Movement

Capturing equestrian movement

Hello again - I have been reminded that it is high time for me to share a bit about what I have been up to of late.

There is no shortage of news with loads of new projects under way – you can see more of this on my Facebook page – but I thought I would tell you about one little photographic adventure I was very pleased with. Last month I was delighted to have one of my images selected for the short-list of a photographic competition run by The Print Space a specialist photographic printer based in London. The theme was movement perfect for horses – exploring their power, speed and elegance and trying to portray this in a single moment – one fraction of a second plucked from all the possible moments. How do you capture the right moment, in a way that will mean something to other people?

I have a couple of test beds that I keep returning to where I can experiment and keep practicing. I love visiting Ham Polo Club (@HamPoloClub) – they do a great job of increasing access to polo and if I have a bit of time on a Sunday afternoon I head down to the club to watch their club matches. I can sit on the sideline, or up behind the goal (finding a location that will keep me out of the way of the attacking team hurtling down on me at speed) and test out ideas, play around with techniques (trying to pan following the horses head and not it's backside – so I can get the focused part of a motion blur shot at the right end!). The speed at which the ponies move is exhilarating – accelerating from nothing to flat out gallop, turning on a six-pence. It presents a whole array of photographic challenges. This last weekend I went along to watch a 12 goal match for the Dubai Trophy – these more experienced players certainly upped the anti even more! It was an image from one of these Sunday afternoons that was short-listed which you can see here on The Printspace blog.

Another of my favourite subjects for testing new ideas is when I visit my good friends at HTEventing (@HTEventing). Harriet and James are great sports when training at home to try out different ideas – and provide me with more great practice time when they are out competing. The set up of a one day event is great training from my perspective, in terms of planning the shots you want to take for each phase – your positioning, technique you want to go for – and how creative you want to risk being. Here there is just one chance – do you go for the safe shot – high shutter speed, classic moment – or do you experiment and risk blowing it. This is where I need to get braver – it is where I get my fun. The image with this blog was from some experimentation at the recent Carlton Horse Trials – it's a direction I am quite like – something to keep working on next season!

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