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Anand Patel is delighted to be joining Dengie Horse Feed’s illustrious stable of supported riders and ambassadors, and will now benefit from the dedicated support of Dengie’s expert nutritionists.

“I am absolutely thrilled to have been invited to join the Dengie team. Having the support of such a well-regarded brand is an absolute honour and a privilege and one that we are very excited about. Having the support of Dengie’s nutritionists to help us feed the winning edge will be a crucial element of the team effort it takes to shine.”

“Here at Dengie we’re delighted to have Anand on our team. We’ve educated him on the benefits of a fibre, he’s made the switch from a predominately cereal diet for his horses and is already seeing the benefits”, said Lisa Wilson, Dengie’s Marketing Manager.

Anand’s yard of international dressage horses competing at Prix St George through to Novice as well as young future stars have converted to a Dengie Alfa-A Oil diet.

“I was definitely a mix and cubes man!” says Anand. “It was a chance meeting with Dengie where I discussed my horses’ diets and they recommended Alfa-A Oil, Performance+ Balancer and Alfa-Beet plus some oats if I needed some extra sparkle. To be honest I was a little sceptical about a fibre only diet fuelling their work and training regimes but six weeks in and the horses are looking and feeling great! Lots of controllable energy and stamina, their coats are amazing. I’m a true fibre convert!


Editors Notes:

The British dressage rider with an Indian heritage.
International dressage rider Anand Patel wouldn’t be the most conventional of dressage riders in terms of his journey to the international stage. From a non-equestrian family in central London, Anand’s passion and skills were developed in a central London riding school.

Despite following the various equestrian disciplines, it was always the Dressage that caught Anand’s imagination and captured his heart.  

It wasn’t until Anand’s move to Bristol University that he acquired is first horse, completing his first dressage competition aged 22 and reaching the National Championships in his first season.
A long way from where it all started Anand now trains with those dressage greats that he once watched online, regularly making the trip to Gloucestershire to train with Olympic Gold Medallist Carl Hester and regularly hosting Dutch dressage guru Kebie Van Der Heijden at his base in Essex.

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