A Return to Quality Content in 2018

A Return to Quality Content in 2018

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Sophie from Archer Creative shares her thoughts on why she believes content will return to the throne in 2018.

As equine digital marketers, our team at Archer Creative are well adapted to the rapid changes that take place within digital platforms. The most recent of which is the newest algorithm change announced by Facebook, which will prioritise the content of family and friends over businesses.

While this change isn’t unexpected, it creates new challenges for equine businesses utilising social media as part of their marketing mix. In particular, for those businesses who rely heavily on third party platforms, like Facebook, they will need to consider other marketing strategies.

Social is just one of many, with search, owned, earned and paid marketing all equally important. In 2018, equine businesses who have pumped out quantity content, without considering quality, will need to adapt — and fast — by returning to quality content that truly offers value.

In the Facebook newsfeed, quantity once dominated, with the most recent posts claiming real estate at the top. Instead, equine businesses will need to consider how they can capture prospects and customers, including on owned platforms, such as website, blog and email.

The days of clickbait are coming to an end, but the importance of quality content will persist!

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