5 Marketing Predictions for the Horse Industry in 2018

5 Marketing Predictions for the Horse Industry in 2018

Wouldn't it be wonderful to know what's ahead for your equine business? While I can't promise good fortune this year, I can help you prepare for it by sharing some of the top marketing predictions for 2018.

  • Customer Concierge*
  • While customer service is nothing new, chatbots and messaging platforms offer unprecedented opportunities to equine businesses. Coming second only to Facebook and YouTube, the top four messaging apps are fast outpacing Instagram and Twitter.

    Equine businesses can expect to see WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat and QQ become more prominent in 2018. Together, chatbots and messaging platforms are revolutionising how equine businesses acquire, engage and retain their customers.

  • Investing in Influencers*
  • Influencer marketing is rapidly gaining popularity in the horse industry. Today, even start-up and small equine businesses are integrating sponsored riders into their marketing budgets to capitalise on their influence.

    However, increasing competition will present new challenges. At the centre is consumer demand for authenticity. In 2018, those equine businesses that develop authentic influencer-brand collaborations will be most rewarded.

  • Marketing Mix*
  • In recent years, equine businesses have allocated larger budget share to digital marketing channels and this trend is set to continue. However, a multi-platform marketing mix that incorporates print and digital is still important.

    While many equine businesses operate in increasingly online marketplaces, the sudden changes that take place outside their control make the case for print pertinent in 2018. Print and digital should be used in partnership for success.

  • Quality, over Quantity*
  • In the Facebook newsfeed, quantity once dominated, with the most recent posts claiming real estate at the top. However, with Facebook's newest algorithm update, equine businesses are returning to quality content.

    A stark reminder of the volatility of relying on third party platforms, 2018 beckons equine businesses to use content marketing strategies that champion quality over quantity; not only on social, but also on owned platforms.

  • Vying for Video*
  • Video continues to dominate on social media as the most engaging form of content. Using video, the possibilities are almost endless for equine businesses to tell their story – from live streaming, to 360 degree, to animation.

    Many equine businesses are already utilising video, which is expected to increase in 2018. For those equine businesses that haven't yet considered it, the positive statistics on using video as a form of marketing are impressive.

    YouTube users consume one billion hours of video daily
    Facebook users watch eight billion videos per day
    82% of Twitter users view video content
    It's an exciting time for horse businesses eager to experiment with their marketing. How will your equine business embrace these marketing opportunities in 2018?

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