10 Lessons for Search Engine Optimisation

10 Lessons for Search Engine Optimisation

When you search for something in Google, often do you go past the first page of search results? If you do, would you ever consider going beyond page two or three?

We expect instant access to the information we're looking for – and your customers are no different. If your horse business isn't on page one, then you've got work to do.

In this podcast, I share five reasons your website isn't ranking high in Google and five ways to improve your website ranking, so you can move to the top.

Listen to the podcast '10 Lessons for Search Engine Optimisation'. You can also follow the Horse Chats Show podcast on iTunes and listen to daily episodes.

The full episode runs for approximately 25 minutes. If you're ready to take your horse business to the first page of Google, tune in for 10 key takeaways.

Next month, you'll learn How to Get Your Horse Business into the Press.

I hope you thoroughly enjoy the episodes!

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