$0.99 SALE now on! KNOW YOUR HORSE Mobile APP

[headline].99 SALE now on! KNOW YOUR HORSE Mobile APP

Your Horse’s vital signs, health and records in one handy APP to access on the go, wherever you are. Available for both Android & iOS Devices. Get your Full copy now...

Know Your Horse Mobile APP. What is normal & when should you be concerned. Record your own horse's vital signs for future reference.

This APP assists you in identifying potential Emergency Situations, as well as helping you to learn, describe & communicate your horse's situation to a veterinarian.

Easy to navigate topics including:

  • The Normal Vital Signs. (Celsius & Fahrenheit).
  • How to take the Vital Signs.
  • What & when to check your horse.
  • Horse Weight Estimator / Calculator (Metric & Imperial)
  • Horse Height Converter (cm & hh)
  • Horse Feed Calculator (Metric & Imperial) – how much should your horse be eating?
  • Points of the Horse to help identify & describe locations on your horse to your vet.
  • First Aid / Emergency kit items. Basic list of items to have on hand and description of their uses.
  • Common Illnesses & Diseases affecting horses, what they are and what common symptoms are present.
  • Your Horse Details.
  • Store your own Horse's details for reference, Name, Breed, Age, Sex, Height, Weight, Normal Vital Signs, History of Illness or Treatment (10 Horse).
  • Easy to read text & user friendly buttons for navigating.

2014 Equestrian Digital Media Finalist

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Once installed on your device, you can access the APP anytime. No Internet connection is required to use the APP, and NO annoying, irrelevant promotional ADVERTISING popping up.

No coupon necessary. Normal price $2.99 USD, sale price $0.99 USD (that's approx 70p GBP!). Sale ends 12 October.

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