Frequently Asked Questions

What constitutes a news story?

Any updates you have about new clients you've secured, projects you're working on, awards you've won, articles you've written or anything else you think ECN visitors would like to know.

You can also use the ECN to blog or post press releases from your clients to help spread the love. If they're rather special we'll feature them on the homepage and newsletter.

How much does it cost to become a member?

There are three types of membership to pick from:

Basic membership – simple listing £79 p/a

Send us your assets and we’ll build your portfolio with images, videos, contact information, links, and testimonials. Be found within one category and one country.

Full membership – best for creative pros: £179

This gives you everything from the Basic membership, plus…

  • Unlimited listings – making sure your specialisms are found everywhere you operate
  • Unlimited content inc. pictures, videos and news stories – showcasing your work to the global equestrian industry
  • Unlimited updates – add as much as you like, as often as you like
  • News stories featured on the homepage, newsletter and social media channels – with over 3,000 newsletter subscribers
  • Unlimited ECN Newswire submissions – gain extra coverage for your/client press releases
  • Great search engine optimisation – adding keyword rich news stories linking to your website will work wonders for your SEO activity

ECN Newswire membership – best for gaining extra exposure for your press releases: £79

This gives you the same features as above, but your portfolio will be used to provide editors with more information about your org. and your portfolio will only appear in the 'ECN Newswire' search category.

How does the ECN promote its members?

The ECN is promoted in the trade press, the big screen at Burghley Horse Trials and by targeted advertising on social media to equestrian professionals – the decision-makers.

You send us the news and views to add to your portfolio we had pick the best each day to be featured on the homepage and promote them through the ECN social media channels and newsletter.

How do I use the articles on the ECN Newswire?

The articles added to the ECN Newswire are available for immediate publication, in print and on your site's news section. You don't need to credit the ECN.

If you require further information or images contact the ECN member directly. You'll find a link to their portfolio in the top left of the news story.

How do I join the ECN Newswire?

To use the ECN Newsire you need to become either a Full or ECN Newswire member. Your portfolio allows you to share information with journalists as well as giving them a way to contact you.

How do I feature my news on the ECN?

First of all you'll need to become a Full member. Then you can send us as many news stories as you like. We'll select news stories to feature on the homepage and newsletter.

How do I add a press release to the ECN Newswire?

If you have Full or ECN Newswire membership, email us with the press release and an image (600×300) and we'll add it for you:

How do I add a news story?

Send it to us, along with a 600×300 image, and we'll add it for you.

Can I use updates from ECN members in my publication or news section of my site?

In addition to the ECN Newswire articles – which are available for immediate use – if you would like to use an ECN member's update please contact the member directly for approval.

There's no need to go through us. All we ask is that you mention that the piece was: “Originally posted on the Equestrian Creative Network”.

Can I use the ECN to blog?

Absolutely. We'll promote your blogs through our various channels.

Can I post my clients' news stories?

If you have full membership, absolutely. Feel free to send us press releases to appear on the ECN Newswire to help promote your clients' achievements and developments.

If the achievements are because of you or creative in nature we'll even feature them on the homepage.

Is there a limit to the amount of content I can add?

Your portfolio is a living breathing thing – it should grow and develop with your business. With this in mind we've decided you can add as much as you like, as often as you like.

Keeping it current and up-to-date with news, articles, photos, videos and testimonials allowing visitors to get an accurate picture of your experience and strengths.

I'm a creative but don't fit into any of the categories?

Chances are, you're not alone!

Drop us a line via the 'Contact' link below and we'll include a category you can add your portfolio under.

How do I edit my contact details, links and description?

When logged in to your portfolio click on the 'Update portfolio' button. A pop up window will appear.

Add/remove the information within the fields you wish to edit.

NB: All URLs must include http://

To finish click 'Update portfolio'.

How do I edit a photo, video, testimonial or news story?

When logged in to your portfolio click on the 'Request Item Edit' button. A pop up window will appear.

Type: from the drop down menu select the type of item you want to remove.

From the second drop down select the name, quote or headline of the item you want to remove.

Then tell us the details of the edit.

To finish click 'Request edit'.

We'll then receive notification of the edit and amend the item within 24-48 hours. If your request is unclear for any reason we'll get in touch with you directly.