Urban Fraggle Modern Horse Art

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I have always loved horses and am fascinated by the concepts of movement, passion, freedom and spirituality. These put together, inspire me to capture the energy, emotion and power of the horse in a very unique and surreal way through the use of eye-catching still art and digital media. I love to create movement in my equestrian artwork, I love to create mystery, I want the eyes of the beholder to see what they wish to perceive in my work and that is why most of my work is ultra contemporary, abstract and stylised.

Horses are such graceful animals, so it's no wonder that many people want horse art in their homes. I create big, bold, dramatic pieces on acrylic and canvas that look stunning in beautiful homes and corporate spaces and my smallest fine art prints are around A3 in size. As a digital artist I can create the perfect size for your space which interior designers love!

You can find out the latest news about me and my art work by visiting my Instagram and Facebook pages. I also blog and my thoughts and musings can be found in various horsey and online digital magazines as well as some at the website.

Jo GG Barrett – UK Artist at Urban Fraggle Modern Equine Art

What others say...

“I bought one of these for my boutique holiday cottage and also for my mum who's horse died over 20 years ago. My mum sobbed happy tears at the beautiful artwork that is now pride of place in her house. My guests love the artwork too. Would highly recommend to anyone who has a special horse past or present.”

Stephanie Bullen, Art lover

What others say...

“Urban Fraggle Art, what can I say? Stunning artwork from Jo and she takes so much care to get it just right for her clients especially when it's so personal to them. Highly recommended.”

Soozi Scoones, Art lover

What others say...

“The energy and thoughts they evoke. Not my style of art (movement confuses my slow male brain), it has to be said, but I can clearly see how the energy and vibrancy will lift the mood of a room. Good art to me should be evocative, they are undoubtedly great pieces. It's also easy to see them in a variety of environments.”

Steve Murray, Art lover

What others say...

“Stunning designs and excellent service. Couldn't ask for more.”

Francesca Knights, Art lover

What others say...

 So buy some before she's famous and the prices skyrocket. Art with a heart.”

Ian Steel, Art lover

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