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My name is Sophie. I’m a specialist equine photographer, vlogger, blogger and horse addict, and I’m incredibly lucky to be able to document the stories of horses and their owners, throughout the UK and call it a job. I’m 29, based in Essex and travel all over the country, photographing horses and their humans.

I consider myself incredibly lucky to have what I think is the best job in the world!

I simply adore telling your stories! If you’ve ventured onto my blog or my Facebook, you may have already noticed that. I try to get to know my clients and their horses as well as I can in the limited time I have with them, and I’m committed to telling their tale with as much accuracy and empathy as possible. I’m always inspired by the fact that every partnership I meet has their own story to tell and this is one of my favourite parts of the job.

I am addicted to social media and am proud to have built a loyal, engaged following of over 35,000 horse lovers across my social media channels.

As well as private portrait shoots, I enjoy working with and supporting other businesses in the equine and country industry, whether they want me to review their products, have booked a commercial photoshoot with me, need a guest blogger or just wish to connect and stay in touch.

To work with me in any capacity, please don't hesitate to drop me an email at I'd love to chat.

What others say...

“This pictures actually brought tears to my eyes.......absolutely stunning x x”

Joanne Doo,

What others say...

“What a gift you've been given to do it with such passion we see that in your photos.”

Nicci Stewart,

What others say...

“Beautiful. You should be proud, well done Sophie. You have a great eye for making something simple sooooo very special xxxxx”

Sharon Thurgood,

What others say...

“Sophie I'm in love! You are truly amazing!!!! Thank you so much!!!!! Xxxxxx”

Jodi Smith,

What others say...

“Sophie, I am in awe, cannot stop looking at my beautiful girls and Flight! I am going to have a bit of a problem choosing! Xx”

Tiffany Burgess,

What others say...

“Well Sophie Callahan, what can I say I cannot recommend your photography enough not only did we love spending the afternoon with you but the outcome was brilliant ! You have captured mac 100% thank you xxx”

Zoey Lawrence,

What others say...

“You have done such a beautiful job, and really captured how much they love each other and what a happy boy he is in their care! Thanks so much.”

Redwings Horse Sanctuary,

What others say...

“Sophie this whole series is simply out of this world. The feeling, emotion and colour in this ... leaves me speechless. The story.. ahhhhh”

Brian Edworthy,

What others say...

“Haven't been able to stop thinking about these photos since I saw them yesterday, they are the most gorgeous photos I have ever seen. Your work is amazing, I have never seen anyone else capture the grace and beauty of horses the way you do, in such a relaxed, peaceful, magical way!”

Sally Thomson,

What others say...

“I just wanted to say that you have an absolutely undeniable talent behind a camera. Your photography is beyond beautiful and each photo is a pure piece of artwork. Congratulations on creating such lovely work.”

Laura Montague Day,

What others say...

“The pics are truly amazing ....I was driving home having got your text and well.... I am just speechless... can't put onto words just how amazing Pongo Lexi & Rosie look.... superb!! I'm still in awe of your wonderful equine photography I have seen ever! Well done!!! A real talent!! xxxx”

Nikki Stanier,

What others say...

“I love my pictures! I am so pleased I had Sophie come out and photograph my two coloured cobs, they are fantastic! She really captured their individual characters and took so many truly beautiful shots. They make me smile everything I look at that! Thank you Sophie!”

Lauren Smith,

What others say...

“Love your dreamy photos - shows what a difference a professional's eye makes. What a super series. Thank you.”

Fiona Powell,

What others say...

“This is beautiful, you should be very proud of your work. You are a very talented photographer”

Fiona Graham,

What others say...

“Sophie words fail me! They are truly stunning, i love everyone of them... You are a genius! Thank you so much xxxx”

Samantha Wilson,

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