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Rhea Freeman PR was created to help promote equestrian, country and canine companies and individuals to their target market. It’s as simple as that!
Having experience in promoting equestrian products and businesses through various forms of media, we can help you get your message, brand or product exactly where you want and need it to be.
In addition to this, we have a lot of experience with horses, so you can rest assured that your product will be fully understood- something fairly fundamental in the successful promotion of any brand or product.
We have worked for some of the UK’s leading equestrian companies and have also written for a number of leading equestrian publications. With this in mind, if a PR package is not for you, but you could do with some help with a website, one off press release, copywriting, social media, video productions, photo and video shoots, then do get in touch.

What others say...

“We have been working with Rhea for a number of years now, with Aquamax and our Royal mats. What I like is her relationship with many of the equestrian magazines, and always keeping us informed of opportunities within the media. Also, her flexibility to be involved with new marketing projects.”

Paul Groombridge, Aquamax

What others say...

“I have worked with Rhea for the last 18 months and she has been outstanding with the enthusiasm for my business. She has been very pro-active in helping push my business through Facebook and Twitter, as well as sending out very targeted press releases. I would recommend Rhea Freeman PR to anyone who wants to promote their business, especially through viral marketing.”

Julia Andrews, MD, Kate Negus Saddlery

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