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The new way to have a website.

When it comes to setup, we do anything that's boring or complicated.

You look after your content, and we look after you.
Is PagePlay for you?

Do you want to be able to edit your content easily?

You will be able to edit all of your content from any computer with web access. You don't need to buy any new software, or to spend time learning how to use the system. In fact, no new PagePlay editor has ever taken longer than 3 minutes to work out how to add and edit their own content on a site. To make changes you simply click on the content you want to change, make your changes and click confirm. We promise that you'll be able to manage the whole thing – and if you ever want to ask a question, you'll have our phone number (0161 850 0561) to call us any time.

Do you want your content to be presented very clearly to your visitors?

Consistency and clarity are important to website visitors. Using PagePlay ensures all of your content will be displayed according to the design style we set together when we create your new site.
Is accessibility important to you?

Your PagePlay site will meet high standards of accessibility meaning visitors of all abilities using a variety of different devices and browsers
Do you want your site to rank highly in search engines?

Because PagePlay websites are built around very strong accessibility principles, your site is much more visible to search engines, meaning you'll rank higher and attract more visitors.

Would you prefer to pay for your site month-by-month rather than invest everything on day one?

PagePlay is a subscription service so rather than paying thousands upfront for your new site, you can simply pay as you go.

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