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Frazzica Productions Pty Ltd
Horse Rush
PO Box 209
Fawkner VIC 3060
Melbourne Australia

Horse Rush is an award winning media channel making horse related programming. The aim of Horse Rush is to educate and entertain our viewers with the best equine content from around the world.

Our programs air worldwide. We specialise in television shows, DVDs and documentary films. Our first TV series titled Horse Rush TV aired in Melbourne Australia on CH31, October 2003 & RFD-TV USA, June 2004. Horse Rush TV filmed in 2002 was the first Australian horse lifestyle show made in Australia and exported overseas to the USA.

Horse Rush has a vast videography and we have worked with many famous Australian horsemen and women. Our recent smash hit, 'The Way of the Horse,' a one hour TV special filmed at Equitana Australia airing in the UK on Horse & Country TV and USA on HRTV, has had outstanding international success.

Our first film Marwari – War Horse of the Maharaja is due for release NOV 2014. Recently at the Asian Racing Conference in Hong Kong May 2014, our film was noted as the first feature documentary featuring horses and filmed in 4K in the year of 2012. 4K being ultra high definition.

Now moving into racing and feature film production Horse Rush is excited for the future. We have some exciting projects slated for release this year and we are leading the way filming in 4K (ultra high definition).

Please visit our websites for more information or to contact us. We have staff all around the world and extensive contacts to get your idea off the ground. We are based in Melbourne Australia and Las Vegas USA.

Our CEO: Joe Frazzica
Our Producers: Tatiana Frazzica (Masters of EBusiness/Commerce) and Luke Zietara
Media/Marketing: Colleen Lethbridge. Little Things Public Relations

What others say...

“You should be very proud of your work in India. The first horse documentary film in 4K. We are all waiting for it's release.”

Kim Teo, Singapore Turf Club, Vice President Wagering

What others say...

“We are very happy with how 'The Way of the Horse' has been received by our viewers.”

Jonathan Rippon, Programme Manager, Horse & Country TV

What others say...

“Equitana Australia are very proud to be partners with the TV Show, The Way of the Horse. They have raised the bar.”

Colleen Lethbridge, Media Manager, Equitana Australia

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