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Equestrian related documents, files and presentations translated for you:

My Translations are accurate, on time and targeted towards the equine industry. I have the experience, knowledge, and background you need, delivering accurate translations. I assure you, your original ideas will always be expressed in a coherent tone. Just like you, I speak “equestrian”! I have worked within the horse industry my whole life and I speak and write fluently in both English and Spanish. I ensure strict privacy and confidentiality in all client matters, entering confidentiality, and non-disclosure agreements when necessary.

I have worked with horses for over 20 years, and for over 15 years translating horse – related and non-horse related press releases, news articles, interviews and more for websites and print publications. I have a BSc in Biology, and Certifications in Equine Behavior & Welfare, Equine Sports Massage and Bodywork, Horsemanship, Animal Control Officer/Cruelty Investigator.

*Let me help your business grow by reaching a greater audience. My services include: *

1. Scientific translations – precise translation skills and sub-specializations in various fields such as biology, environmental science, with vast knowledge in equine anatomy, biomechanics and behavior.
2. Business Translations – Advertisements and ad copy, Articles (magazine, web and newspaper), Brochures, Business correspondence, Proposals, Letters, Certificates, Marketing collateral, Media scripts, Newsletters, Promotional materials, Training materials, Resumes and more.

Whether it’s a long-term plan or a rush job contact me for info on pricing. I promise quick turnaround time, moderate prices and quality work.

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