Fran Jurga

Categories: Social Media, Media / Publishing, Journalism, ECN Newswire, Blogging,

19 Harbor Loop
Gloucester, MA 01930 USA

USA 978 281 3222

A wise person once told Fran Jurga that to succeed as a journalist in the horse world she'd need to study horses from the ground up. She took that advice literally, and started with the hoof.

Years later, Fran has built a writing and publishing career around feet-first equine journalism and is the go-to resource in the horse industry and beyond for everything hoof-ish.

Fran's Hoofcare Publishing projects and ongoing freelance writing for publications and corporate clients span every print and electronic media. Fran's triple-ESMA finalist Hoof Blog has an uncanny way of knowing what's underneath the world's best horses—and why.

Read Fran Jurga's Hoof Blog and the wide-ranging, freewheeling The Jurga Report for Fran's unique point of view on the world of the horse.

Fran is available for freelance assignments, contract work and consulting.

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