EQUUS INTERNATIONAL Film Festival ® and the Evolution of a Horse Haven

“My intention is to see EIFF grow, as an official project of Horse Haven Montana, into a more ‘evolved’ approach to equine rescue and adoption, including new opportunities for youth of all ages. I have seen incredible outcomes pairing young people with horses,” said Janet Rose, who founded EQUUS INTERNATIONAL Film Festival ® in 2011 to bring outstanding films and multi-media stories about horses worldwide to Missoula, Montana, in support of its award-winning local horse rescue.

“The broader story behind EIFF is to see Horse Haven Montana grow into an organization that not only rescues and adopts out horses, but incorporates and involves more children and young adults in hands-on programs. I want EIFF to promote a ‘bigger picture’ while still using media as both a resource and a tool,” said the veteran television journalist and former international film festivals executive director. Horse Haven Montana is a 501©3 not-for-profit charitable organization founded 10 years ago to help equines in need and is an ASPCA ® Award Special Grant, Horse Rescue Award and 5-Star Horse Rescue & Relief Award recipient.

Learn more at www.equusinternationalfilmfestival.com

What others say...

“EIFF is under the nonprofit Horse Haven Montana project umbrella and judiciously screens its sponsors and participants to reflect the sincerity of its mission to educate and raise awareness about equine welfare worldwide. Please give it your support and attention. Not related to the horse-themed film fest in NYC.”

L.A. Sokolowski-Pomeroy, equinista

What others say...

“Melding the erudite with the educational, in 2011 Janet Rose took her considerable professional experience as a journalist and producer of wildlife/environmental film festivals to turn the "Paris" of the American West -- Missoula, Montana -- into a premier venue for the first all-horse focused film awards festival and conference.”

L.A. Sokolowski-Pomeroy, equinista

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