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Chris Stafford is a TV & Radio Broadcaster, Journalist, Author, Publicist, Agent, Artist and International Equestrian Consultant.

CeS :: Consulting in Equestrian Sports represents international riders including Marilyn Little, Clayton Fredericks, Heather Blitz, Michael Pollard and Lauren Sammis. Other clients include Oak Lane Farm and Oak Hill Ranch. Previous clients include Leslie Law and Lucinda Fredericks.

Chris produces Radio Podcasts covering News, Views and Interviews from around the world of horse sports which can be found at Chris Stafford Radio – http://chrisstafford.podbean.com/.

Chris is the author of three books; Fit To Compete, (Pelham Books) Practical Stable Management (Pelham Books) and Horse Care & Management (J.A. Allen).

Chris wears many hats in equestrian media as an equestrian media consultant, publicist, business manager, agent, author, journalist, producer, director and broadcaster. She is also an artist and photographer. Chris has been extensively published as a journalist having covered international equestrian sport for over thirty years. Her equestrian and travel photography has been published and exhibited worldwide. Chris has produced numerous TV and video programs on equestrian sport. She is also a voice artist and has recorded audio books and PSA's as well as providing live sports commentating, announcing and voicing TV and video programming.

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