How to Get Your Horse Business into the Press

How to Get Your Horse Business into the Press

Want more media exposure for your equine business? Landing prime editorial can be challenging, but with the right approach, you can gain the press attention you desire.

What the industry is saying...

“I'm getting highly qualified traffic and leads from the Equestrian Creative Network.”

Amanda MacDonald, Full Gallop Communications

“My business has grown so much faster because of the exposure ECN offers, and also because of the quality of creatives on ECN. I am connecting with so many wonderful people, collaborating on projects and working hard to learn a lot in a very short period of time. Thank you for your support as continue to learn and grow.”

Aimee Victoria, Dreamkeepers Public Relations

“ECN is a great tool. It’s intuitive, and allows us to easily share news, video, and ideas with creative equestrians (both individuals and businesses) around the world, not just in our home market.”

Andrew Minnick, USEF Network

“Very user friendly, and quite idiot proof - I've been throwing things at it and it's very intuitive.”

Terri Brosnan, Equigeek

“What a fantastic way to promote your business! If your business is Equestrian Creative, then you need to be on the ‘Equestrian Creative Network’. I found it easy to create and update our profile, and the look and feel of the whole site offers a very professional look. Offering an ‘All in 1 place’ website for equestrian businesses to showcase their company and products is pure genius!”

Pascale Armitage, Editor, Horse Scene Magazine

“It's our great pleasure here at ESM to join the Equestrian Creative Network. We think it's a brilliant idea connecting equestrians all around the world.”

Ahmed Hussein, Equestrian Sports Marketing LLC

“I found putting my portfolio on ECN really easy. The options mean you can add as little or as much information as you like, it's nicely designed so it looks great, and the fact that you can add to your content whenever you want means it should always be current and relevant.”

Rhea Freeman, Rhea Freeman PR & Marketing